Daily Weight Loss Food Plan-Fat Burning Foods to Help You Lose Weight

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The effective way to get benefits from weight loss food plan is to get familiarized with your daily calories intake and exert out. If there is a caloric deficit in relation to the calories in take versus calories exert or out, fat loss start occurring. There must be a reason for a fat loss you wanna see. Like if you are burning too much calories than you intake, you will gain weight eventually due to your metabolism slowing in reaction to the lack of calories. Each person has individual BMR and your basal metabolic rate step in consideration your body functions and the amount of fat burns.

So the basis of good weight loss foods should be like that you eat every 2-3 hours. In other words, don’t skip your meal. Daily calories intake should work according to the diet plan so that you don’t remain on limited meals or starvation that will drastically lower your daily calories sabotaging your metabolism and adding fat eventually.

You should choose complex carbs like black or brown rices, potatoes, yams, grains like oats and quinoa. Include them in lunch and dinner for optimal results. In between lunch and dinner, you can choose other carbohydrates sources such as carrots and squash, beans, or yogurt with fruit. Carbs with good fiber are a must. Similarly vegetables that are leafy green, asparagus, green beans, mustard greens and broccoli should be taken 2-3 times per day.

For the breakfast you have number of choices like cereals, protein shakes, egg whites and oatmeal. Workout routine depends on the goals you set. The most recommended way for workout is that you should take a good meal after you have done some exercise or workout.

You can take protein powder and water drink before bed to help with muscle recovery. This is a good option and won’t cause any fat gain. Including omega fats in the forms of avocado, olives and almonds need to be maintained in the diet. Not only this will keep you healthy, but also keeps you away from symptoms such as high blood pressure symptoms.

To set up a diet plan, consider the following examples for weight loss food plan.

Breakfast – 3 egg whites, oatmeal with a small banana.

Snack 1 – Take plain yogurt with quarter cup mixed berries and nuts

Lunch – Fish fillet or chicken breast with 2 cups greens and dressing along with 3 quarter cup brown rice.

Snack 2 – A cup chopped broccoli with 2 plain rice cakes and a tea spoon almond butter.

Dinner – 1 cup mustard greens, spinach plus yam or a small potato along with snapper steamed or large fish fillet of cod.

Snack 3 – protein drink

This will surely help you lose serious fat. And if you remain strict to the diet plan you can lose 2 lbs per week by following the weight loss food plan.